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June 3, 2022

A FILM BY LOUIS C.K.!!! (Yes!!)

June 3, 2022

Mike Binder

How fucking perfect does this look? Louis C.K. and Joe List! Can’t wait!

Louis C.K. has made a new movie. “Fourth of July,”

If you’re a fan, like I am, it’s been too long. This is his first feature in a few years.  Louis co-wrote the movie with Joe List who is easily one of the best new comedians around. Joe is also someone who truly understands the ‘new world’. In terms of comedy and self-distribution.  (In case you thought I was implying Joe was a Magellan expert or something. )

Check out his Youtube specials. Especially his newest one, ‘This Year’s Material’. Which I loved. It’s already coming up to a million views on Youtube, and it just dropped at the end of April. This is such a funny special!

Perfect team-up. Joe and Louis C.K. , I got to say.


The movie centers on a recovering alcoholic from Manhatten who goes up against his family on their annual July 4th vacation trip. Joe plays the lead in the film with Sarah Tollemache, Paula Plum, Robert Walsh, Robert Kelly, and Louis all in the ensemble as well.

‘Fourth of July’ will be in theatres from July 1. Louis is taking the movie on tour with the film for one-night showings all over.  New York City, June 30, Boston July 1 and Chicago, July 2 .

Tickets for the special screenings are available now on C.K.’s website. Both Joe and Louis will be there at these screenings and have a post-screening Q&A.

Here’s a little Instagram film made for this… (You owe me!)