Our Mission:
To build a one-stop corner of the web where all breaking news, podcasts, new specials, tour schedules, books on stand up, stand up albums, and major announcements on the best stand up in the world are constantly linked, updated and refreshed in one place so fans and industry insiders can easily bookmark and instantly check in on the industry.

Our overall mission is to glorify, sanctify, and spotlight the art and craft of the stand up comic. The modern stand up, the comic of the past that today’s fans should and will embrace fondly if presented correctly, and the new talent which is in abundance and brilliant and only needs as many as avenues as possible to shine.

Founder and Newsletter Editor: Mike Binder
Stand up comic, actor, writer, director and producer. Mike loves stand up comedy. He has since he was seven years old. He was one of the youngest comics ever to do the Tonight show. He spent years working at the Comedy Store and did many movies and television shows and several HBO specials as a standup comic before he became a full time filmmaker in the mid 1990’s. He recently directed and produced a five part documentary on The Comedy Store for Showtime which is on Amazon Prime. He also directed Bill Burr’s special in London, Paper Tiger for Netflix, and his new special, Bill Burr at Red Rocks.

Editor-in-Chief:  Ricky Cruz
Ricky Cruz also loves Stand up Comedy. He loves Comedy in general. He’s deeply steeped in it from his extensive training with the Groundlings in Los Angeles. He’s also one of the producers of the new Bill Burr special at The Red Rocks Arena in Denver Colorado, and another new special soon to be released, and Netlix's 'Dirty Daddy, A Tribute to Bob Saget' ‘Holtzman, Late Nite in the Main Room.’ As well as a new film just finished shooting, ‘Halfway to Amarillo,’

Senior Editor: Molly Catherine
Molly Catherine has been around the stand up scene her whole life. Her parents are in the business and she adores comedians. She loves watching specials and listening to comedy albums. She’s also a comedy writer and a major fan of Brent Forester’s comedy classes.

CFO: Diane Murphy
Diane Murphy is our Chief Financial Officer and she keeps the ships running. She has a great sense of humor. Just ask her.

Video Editor: Richard Grayson
Richard Grayson is our lead video editor and he’s worth his weight in gold. He’s a child acrobat. He’s also underpaid. Another person and subject on which you can go ahead ask yourself. He’ll give you several hours on the subject. Dick@Standupworld.com