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April 20, 2022


April 20, 2022

Mike Binder

Ari Shaffir is funny as hell. He’s not for everyone, but I find the guy laugh out loud, spit out what you’re drinking funny. He’s bold and sometimes stupid edgy, but that’s what I’m into. Ari’s always into trouble for saying something or other,  jumping too quick on some joke. Hey, you got to break a lot of eggs to make an omelette. Ari is going for greatness all the time. By the way, this comes from a guy that when I was doing stand-up, the weekend that Art Linkletter’s daughter killed herself diving from her window out of the Standard Hotel on Sunset Blvd, across from The Comedy Store, did the joke about Art’s new book ‘Kids Jump from the Darndest Places’. I got booed like crazy every night, and I sort of loved it.

Ari is real, you have to know going in he’s not able to pull any punches. You also know that he’s not going to rest on his old stuff or easy premises. He wants to push himself and push you. His podcast is raw and honest, an open sore that feels like a cross between late-night radio and sleeping over at a lunatic cousin’s house who knows too much about the world.

He’s putting on a show tonight at the Ryman theatre here in Nashville as part of the Nashville Comedy Festival.

This is the “log-Line” they’ve given it;

Ari Shaffir is best known for the storytelling show he created and hosted on Comedy Central called This Is Not Happening. His last Netflix special, Double Negative won a Grammy for best comedy special before the award committee realized it was too filthy and didn’t represent the high standards that the Grammys has long since stood for so the honor was stripped from him. Ari has had numerous appearances on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, as well as WTF with Marc Maron, The Adam Carolla Show, and Your Mom’s House. His own podcast, Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank is a chart topper that comes out every week wherever you watch or listen to podcasts. He is the reigning president of the LOS podcast to which he has no affiliation. And he placed first in the non-steroid category of the legendary Sober October challenge, which he also destroyed shortly thereafter. The deal is, this is a dirty show. It’s not all offensive but definitely, some parts are offensive. So don’t bring that one friend in your friend group who makes that tsk noise a lot. Just tell them you’re doing something else or your grandmother died or your grandmother killed somebody and you gotta be a character witness. Whatever. Just don’t bring them. But everybody else for sure come. Ari puts on a great show every year of all-new material and he brings great openers. So it’s just a really funny night of legit mainstream standup and you’re going to have a great time every time.

He’s got some serious fire on the bill already with Sal Volcano, Big Jay Oakerson, and Shane Gillis.

It feels like there’s going to be some surprise drops in as well. You know who won’t be there though?

Nope. She’s not coming.  Guarantee it. (Ari’ll just have to deal with it.)

It’s going to to be a great show though.It could be already sold out, but there’s a chance there’s still some tickets. If you want to see an amazing show and you’re in Nashville. Go down and see this one.