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October 27, 2022

Bobby Kelly / Kill Box

October 27, 2022

Mike Binder

Bobby Kelly’s special Kill Box is up on Louis C.K.’s site 

A great special, and the third in the line up of big time specials that have jumped ship from the streaming networks and gone it alone selling a show straight to consumers. Andrew Schultz and Dane Cook did it on (Dane’s is now on sale at his own site


Anyone that follows and loves Louis’s stuff knows he’s been selling straight to consumers for years. He’s also made his own movies and a really unique TV series, Horace and Pete, his own series, Louie, and all of his specials. I think Robert Kelly Kill Box is the first special he’s done where he’s directed it and put it up on his site, of another comic. If it is he picked a great comic to start with. Kelly is a pro and a vet and this is a damn funny special. It’s raw and racy and it’s non politically correct which you’d guess coming from him, but it’s done well. Louis directs it in a simple style which I happen to like. You’re not thinking about the director at all. In a stand-up special you shouldn’t be.


This really is. It’s a lot of big laughs. The studios aren’t making comedies, the Sit-coms on T.V. aren’t even close to funny. If you want to laugh hard you need a good special. Well, for my money, very few of the Netflix, Showtime, or HBO specials are that funny anymore. Maybe Chappelle, Burr, Chris Rock. Ricky Gervais. Whitney Cummings. Anthony Jezelnik. Taylor Tomlinson, a few others. That’s not a lot though. Not considering this group puts out a special once every two years or so. Not in the absence of any real funny TV shows or movies. The best place to find big laughs, other than going out and seeing comics live, is going to be direct to consumer gems like this or even free one’s that have been dropped on You Tube. If you love Stand-up, you would do well to fork out the ten bucks and buy this thing. Buy others like it. Stoke the fire. Support this new road that’s doing well, but needs traffic.


He’s funny as shit, Bobby Kelly. He reminds me of Earthquake, in the sense that he’s been around forever and he’s gotten a legendary status and this special, like the one Chappelle did for Earthquake, is a bit of a teaser to new fans to see who and what a lot of comedy fans already know about an O.G. in the stand-up world. It’s a bit of a sampler box.

I’ll go so far as to say if you’re a fan of this kind of comedy and you buy this special, and you truly, truly, hate it. You can write to me at this site and I’ll send you your ten bucks back. I’ll berate the living shit out of you for being an asshole, but I’ll send you ten bucks. It’s that good and I know it. (P.S. I don’t even know the guy. This isn’t me shilling for some pal. I’ll tell you when that’s the case. Never even met the fucker.)

Also check out his podcast on his Youtube channel.


Check out and sign up for his patreon as well. This is another way you can help support and grow the new world.


Either way, support this guy. He’s deserving and he’ll make you laugh hard which is what you need more than anything in life whether you know it or not.