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May 7, 2022


May 7, 2022

Mike Binder

The L.A. District Attorney has charged 23-year-old Isiah Lee with four misdemeanor charges including assault, and assault with a deadly weapon. All under misdemeanor charges, to which he has pleaded not guilty. (Obviously hoping to bolster a later insanity claim considering the whole planet saw him dive across the stage and throw his head into Dave’s crotch.) The ridiculously light sentencing sends the wrong message to anyone who has any sort of inkling they can jump on stage and do, or try to do damage to a Stand-up comic. It’s truly insulting to me and to all of my friends who are comedians, and fans of comedians.

Especially when we realize how much security is around the offices and courthouses that DA Gascogne, or whatever the hell his name is, does his little parlor act. If someone tackled that guy, with a weapon in his hand, he’d be on death row right now.

This is crazy. Kevin Hart was right. This guy needed a damn good whooping, and so does Gascogne. They should make a statement here. Bad enough they give Will Smith an Oscar after he slaps around Chris Rock. This guy isn’t allowed to go see Dave Chapelle’s act anymore? He has to stay three hundred feet away? Can’t ever go back to the Bowl? (He had LA Philharmonic tickets this summer too for Christ’s sake! ) He can’t go to the Bowl? Really? Big F-ing deal. That’s like; Some Jerk jumps onstage and tackles Hilary Clinton, and the punishment is he’s not allowed to sleep with any of Bill Clinton’s ex-hookers?

How about just getting behind Stand-ups, and entertainers, and getting people back in line with being civil civilians? Having a rule of order? Throw the book at some of these guys, let them know Stand-up is an art form, we as a people, don’t want messed with.