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July 2, 2022


July 2, 2022

Mike Binder

At 55 Jim Bruere is an American Comedy legend who has been marching to his own beat for several decades. A wildly talented mimic, physical comic, monologuist, stand-up, and actor who has refused to be pigeonholed in any way.

If you love blunt, dry stand-up comedy and you don’t know Jim Breuer, you’re been missing out. This guy’s got fans up the backside and as Jim says, many of them are “lifers.” They come to see his shows time and again, and now they’re bringing their teenagers along with them. The thing to me about Jim is that it seems impossible that anyone doesn’t know him. Or at least know of him? The number of TV, movie, stand-up, and other appearances he’s done is pretty impressive. He’s also built a strong on line presence with a great YouTube channel and a really fun and interesting podcast.

Of course, let’s be honest,  he colors outside the lines. He doesn’t have good political posture, (doesn’t seem to care) and is obviously someone who’s devouted to his religion which in secular silly America can’t be a good thing. Yet, it isn’t stopping the guy in anyway. Even this week he put out what I think is a near perfect special; ‘Somebody Had to say it.’ His bloodshot, stoner eyes, famously goofy grin, serve up relatable stories, sideways looks at the taught troubled times we’re in, a gaggle of poignant emotions.

Born in 1967 in Valley Stream, Long Island, Jim grew up right down the street basically to the comedy scene in New York. It also might have helped him get on the path to comedy because he was friends with former SNL cast member Fred Armisen in high school.  Even though his first job was at Sears, it wasn’t long before his comedy chops pulled him away from retail. His first breakthrough was at the Uptown Comedy Club, up in Harlem.  Jim was one of the only regular white cast members from a crew of mostly black comics, but he rose the ranks quickly.

Of course, he was a cast member of SNL from 1995 through 1998. He’s mostly remembered for his great “Goat Boy” character and some impressions on SNL. That tingling in your brain wants you to head on over to YouTube for a refresher on this hilarious oddball joker. It’ll all start to come back.

Once Jim gained traction on SNL, more funny roles found him, like on my buddy Tim Allen’s show Home Improvement, and a ton of others. The acting role that Jim is most recognized for is as Brian in Half Baked along with Dave Chapelle, which my another one of my lifelong best friends, Bob Saget directed.

It seems to me he’s touring all year these days. As I say his podcast and Youtube channel and website are all pretty damn funny. You should go and check it out.

On another note, he does and has done, a lot of comedy on Heavy Metal which makes sense. Jim is the epitome of heavy metal comic to me. In fact he did a special way back when called ‘Heavy Metal comedy. I know he opens for Metallica a bit.(Or has opened? What the f-do I know? Does anyone take me for a Metallica fan?)


ACDC does the Hokey Pokey

By the way, he also wrote a book called, I’m Not High. (Because you know he’s not now or never was a stoner.)

Anyway, I have tons of respect for this guy. It seems to he’s grown so much as an artist and a man over the years. (FYI we’ve never met, so I’m not puffin a pal.) I just appreciate the course his world has taken. He’s been married 28 years has three daughters, does his own thing the way he wants to do it, fuck whatever anyone else thinks or whatever is hot. He’s just doing his stuff. Driving in his own lane. I love that. It’s the best side effect of the modern world, technology-wise and creatively. Folks that want to bushwhack can, and the great ones carve out a great path for the rest of us. Hats off, Jim.

Once again, check out his new special. ‘SOMEBODY HAD TO DO IT.’

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