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June 25, 2023


June 25, 2023

Mike Binder

Matt Rife’s on a heater and he’s not one to waste it. He’s dropped another special right on the heels of ‘Matthew Steven Rife’ onto Youtube a couple days ago. It’s an all crowd work special along the theme of his Red Flag riff’s and it’s smart because A) he’s really good in this lane of his, and B) he didn’t have to take the time to build up another hour or whatever of new material and it just juices up his fans for his upcoming mega tour. He opens by claiming that he’s going to retire the crowd work after this, but it’s done in a clever way, because what he’s really laying a marker down is to not do ‘Red Flags’ anymore. He can do crowd work, just isn’t going to call it ‘Red Flags’. I had a plumber retire once on me. Was done with plumbing. Two weeks later he was over the house when the toilet clogged, he just wasn’t ‘plumbing’. He was doing ‘random water-works.’ Same card trick. Hats off to you, Matt. Clever.

By the way, the specials really good. Especially if you’re into waterworks.

If you’re in L.A. this weekend I’m at the Ice House in Pasadena for Mike Binder and Friends. There’s still some tickets left. Not a lot, so get them now. It’s going to be a great show.