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July 22, 2022


July 22, 2022

Mike Binder

To me Orny Adams is a great modern show business story. Most people know him from the legendary documentary ‘Comedian’, that Jerry Seinfeld did. He was set up by Jerry to be the up and coming version of Jerry himself, but for some reason, through the force of Orny’s personality at the time, or choice editing, whatever happened, he didn’t come off all that great and the years washed over him. As historic as it was, the documentary made him ‘that guy’, and he ended up stranded on some version of stand-up hell for a long time. (By the way, I could be wrong, I don’t know, this is just my sense of it.) Whatever happened, either he wasn’t protected in the edit in anyway, or he didn’t know enough to not push as hard as he came off pushing.


The point is, he’s been forced to pay his dues. And he’s paid in full. As Orny has said in the press, his struggle made him so much stronger. He’s a balls to the wall funny as hell stand-up. A truly polished veteran. Someone that I love the depths he goes to take his art seriously. He’s a stand-up warrior in the finest sense. Orny, from what I have seen, hasn’t the least bit of fear to do whatever is necessary to make a room laugh it’s collective ass off.

Very soon I’m going to be doing interviews on my substack with comics and I know that Orny is going to be one of the first comics I’m going to try and talk into having on because I just think his whole vibe, from his work ethic to his sense of pride about his craft and the finished product he represents appeals to me. I’m done with mealy mouth humble bumble fucks that don’t want to admit that they  want and hope to destroy every single time they get up on stage. That a comic tries too hard. The goal is to make people laugh, really fiercely. To shock, surprise, convince, and cajole them into fits of convulsive laughter. Laughter is as healthy or more, than other activity we all do every day. Including fucking. That may be because I’m at the age I don’t do that much fucking these days, but it is true.

Comedians that give it up with no holds barred are being of service. Orny Adams gives it up. Loves to give it up. Is he super dirty? Not really. Does he push a lot of buttons? Yes. He does. He’s a rascal. A stand-up rascal. He roams the stage with weird, wild, energy asking crazy questions about the way we all live from a position and with a patter that can sometimes seem hackneyed at first glance. Almost like you’ve seen it before. Because you have. He’s doing you if you were a stand-up. He’s complaining, and labeling and libeling everyone he doesn’t like. With wild hair and big eyes he’s the town crier for everything that’s gone out of whack. The only thing he’s missing is a big bell to clang. I find the guy entertaining as hell. Check out his three specials, and his instagram stuff, and also look over his tour schedule and if he’s coming close check him out. If you hate his act, email me at with a copy of your tix and I’ll refund your money. That’s how sure I am you’re going to have fun. And laugh. Hard. Which will keep you healthy. Get out there and laugh.