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January 14, 2023


January 14, 2023

Mike Binder

*NOTE; This is a reprint  of a reprint of the chapter on Ali Mac from my book ‘Standupworld- Essays on the World’s Greatest Artform’. Download it FREE when you sign up for our newsletter. It’s also a reminder that she’s on the show with me this Sat. Night at The Ice House in Pasadena at 8PM and that she’s one of the funniest and sharpest comics working. I met her when she was working the door at the store and she’s gone on to be a genuine big shot. Read about her. Again. I think she’s awesome!


Ali Macofsky makes me laugh. I’m not alone. She’s been making a lot of people laugh. Whether it’s killing at The Bellco in Denver opening up for Joe Rogan, or playing some iconic music centers on tour all over the country with St. Vincent last summer where she had these amazing sets that a couple of my friends called me to tell me about.
I mean it was like a minute ago my son and I and the crew were filming her as one of the pack of the ‘Door-man’ staff at The Comedy Store’ for episode five of the doc we did. Now she’s on fire. Joe Rogan had her on his podcast and she killed it. It was clear he got a kick out of her, which isn’t always the case. He’s not a pushover.

I loved how she cracked Joe up when they were talking about there being no jobs during the pandemic.


If you watch the episode she did with him, you get a sense of her potential. She’s innately confident in spite of all of the insecurity, insanity, and self doubt that comes baked into the reasons why we become stand-ups in the first place. She’s actually listening. Silence doesn’t scare her. She is, as she says, sort of droll, low key, but that’s because she’s real. Unwilling to paste on a facade. Trust me, in stand-up, and entertainment that’s not always going to be a plus. You have to be willing to flash bright objects in one way or another. If you’re not going to show skin you better fall down or juggle and if you won’t fall down and can’t juggle you better have something special to say in a way that’s never been said. If not buy a puppet. Teach it to talk.

My point is Ali has her work cut out for her. She’s not in the slightest way a panderer. She’s not coming out and spinning plates, yet at the same time, she’s damn good and she’s smart and likeable. You get a great sense of her appeal and her promise watching a few episodes of her podcast. (*which I believe she’s no longer doing.) It’s just not even worth describing. You have to watch it. There’s no real there there, yet it’s truly fun and watch-able. It’s eavesdropping.

She did a set not too long ago on ‘Just For Laughs’ that went viral with over three million views, which is a shit-ton. That stat right there tells you everything about her appeal.

“ALI; When I was young I once Googled ‘How to tell if you’re bi-sexual’, and Google was like, ‘if you’re looking this up, you probably are.’ Now, as an adult I just look up things like ‘How to tell if you’ve cum?’, and Google is like, ‘If you’re looking this up, you definitely haven’t.’


I’m really looking forward to seeing what Ali’s first hour looks like. I’m always eager to get behind any ex ‘door-person’.
If Netflix or HBO or someone is smart they’ll sign her up quick.

Here’s some links to get more ‘Ali Mac’”


If you’re in L.A. this weekend I’m at the Ice House in Pasadena for Mike Binder and Friends. There’s still some tickets left. Not a lot, so get them now. It’s going to be a great show.