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February 9, 2023


February 9, 2023

Mike Binder

One of the best comics working today anywhere is Max Amini. He’s a killer and I’ve been getting to know him working the clubs in Los Angeles again. It’s really been one of the best things about getting back up and working out is meeting and getting to know so many comics. Max is amazing. He’s a good friend of Jamie Masada’s the owner of the Laugh Factory and he’s a fantastic stand-up and first class guy. He loves it. His lineage is Iranian. He was born in Tucson to parents that immigrated from Iran after the Iranian revolution in ’79.


I guess you can say that’s his window into the business, being Iranian, and a lot of his point of view, but putting that aside he’s just a great comic and actor and a very sharp entrepreneur who has built quite a strong business for himself. A production company and a touring entity. He produces specials and films and headlines concerts here and all over the world. He’s a major draw playing largely to Iranian ex-pats and Iranian Americans that love his candid take on their culture and the stick in the eye fun he pokes at them and himself.


I have several Iranian friends who I know well for many years and when I brought Max up to them they were seriously impressed with me for the first time ever. They had all seen him in concert here and in Europe in large theatres and were finally glad they were friends with me.


One of the things I truly respect about this guy, something I wish I felt more in our country, is a love for his people. He loves the Iranian people in a very profound way. He has a great Youtube channel and a podcast and does pieces where he gets into what’s special about his country. He focuses on the good things Iran has done. Not so much on the bad things. You see very few comedians here spending any time sticking up for this country. Almost none. In fact, he’s not doing concerts right now because of the problems in Iran. He doesn’t really want to be out there making jokes on a big stage this moment which I respect.  I think I’d be out there looking for the laughs, trying to make my people laugh in a time they needed it, but that’s easy to say I guess. He doesn’t want to belittle anything that’s happening in Iran right now. He’s very sincere about this. It’s really interesting to discuss this with him. Go to his Youtube channel and listen to some of his interviews. If you don’t speak Farsi, call me. I’ll translate. (I’ll use Google.)


One thing I love to watch Max do is crowd work. He’s up there with Jimmy Brogan,  Rick Ingraham, and early David Letterman in this category. No shit. He’s really that good. He’s so likeable and charming, and he gets away with so much. He can do complete shows of crowd work and its hysterical much like Ingraham. Check out this fun clip which I believe is in London.

In fact, because he’s not really touring right now he’s playing the laugh factory on Sunset in Hollywood a lot these days and you can see him there and that’s what he does a lot. Crowd work. and he’s hysterical.
Check the Laugh Factory’s website to when Max is on, and go check him out. Also visit his Youtube, and his own Website,