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September 14, 2022


September 14, 2022

Mike Binder


I have to say Rachel Feinstein really should be a major fucking huge star. I mean, don’t get me wrong, she’s doing great, but in another time, she’d have a ‘That Girll’  or a ‘Rhoda’ like sitcom and be headlining theaters and maybe even arenas. I’ve never met her, but she’s truly one of my favorite comics. She and Yamaneika Saunders, Rosebud Baker, Jessica Kirson and, a few others are part of a wave and a generation of comics that are just gut funny and it has nothing to do with the fact that they’re women other than it’s what they joke about. They have all of the firepower, brass, sass, and oddity of the mind of the best male comics working.

Rachel is such a solid performer. A great joke writer, a great character comic, and mimic. She’s also sexy as hell. She got that thing that Rosebud and Whitney Cummings have which is supposed to be a rule breaker in that she’s great looking. You’re not supposed to be really good looking to be a comic. Rachel, and Rosebud, and a few other women working have basically shit all over that rule. I’ve compared Rosebud to Michael Keaton in the past, in terms of her instant likeability, and handsome charm, but Rachel, to me, feels like a throwback to the notes Marlo Thomas played in her heyday. I know it sounds sexist as hell to say this, but a great looking woman is truly fighting an uphill battle to be funny in a lot of men’s eyes. You’re looking and thinking about anything but the jokes you’re supposed to be listening to. Yet, a great comic is a great comic and once you settle into the fact that she’s got the chops, the looks are just an add-on.  Like something a car dealer is going to throw in for “an amazing” price when you go back into the office and close the sale.

I think, besides the jokes, her best asset though is her characters and voice work.

Watch the small sketch/ short on this Instagram post. It’s right after she does one stand-up joke, but then it cuts to a piece where she plays an older woman having a relationship with a guy in prison. It’s a lot of fun. (With @dansoder playing the convict.)

Rachel would be great on Saturday Night Live. I’m not sure if that’s something she’d want to do, but if Lorne Michaels were on his game, (which he hasn’t really proven to be for awhile now.) she’d have been a cast member awhile ago.

I love this piece. A PSA she does for women. “How to get a fella.’

Born in Bethesda, Maryland, Rachel grew up in a traditional Jewish household. It wasn’t until the family moved to New York when Rachel was seventeen that she was able to begin to practice her comedy. She appeared in Comedy Central’s Samurai Love Gods, a made-for-mobile production, was on her friend Amy Schumer’s sketch show, in an Amazon series and did a couple of her own Comedy Central specials. 

It took a few more years and flops before Rachel finally got her big break. Last Comic Ctanding had been a favorite of stand-up comedy lovers. The ability to watch new talent fight for their comedic chance on stage in a survivor-type-like show merged what many loved about reality TV and stand-up comedy. Having launched the careers of Alonzo Bodden, John Heffron, Josh Blue, and Iliza Shlesinger. Audiences finally got a chance to watch Rachel grow as an artist and a stand-up comedian. 

One of the most notable bits that Rachel performs involves stories based on intimate personal experiences, dick pics, and sending nudes to the wrong number. She regales the audience with the story of sending an intimate picture to the wrong number and then having her best friend also send a picture to the same wrong number. She wonders what it would be like to be on the receiving end of those pictures and what she would think.  

Rachel ‘s a force to be reckoned with. She is no holds barred, filthy, and knows it. She embraces her down-to-earth weirdness and runs with it. How else can a young white, Jewish girl from New York suddenly sound like a 250lb thug from the streets named Trey.


I also relate to her a lot. Maybe it’s the Jew thing, maybe it’s because she started really young and so did I, but even more than that to me she’s a perfect example of what I love in a comic. Someone with a whole set of tools in their bag, that’s spent a long time working it, and just comes off like such a craftsman. Like I said earlier, she does seem to be a little out of her time, and in fact in another era, Amy Schumer would have been known as her friend, but she’s also perfect for this time as well. Her Youtube pieces and her Instagram bites are a great way to showcase all of her tricks and tools. A road Marlo Thomas or Valerie Harper never had.

Do yourself a favor and go see her live when she comes to your town. I’m going to as soon as I get a chance. In the meantime watch these links here, and enjoy her work.