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June 6, 2022


June 6, 2022

Mike Binder

It’s been brutal. The casualties are aplenty. The Biden administration wants to send more relief. Not talking about Ukraine here. I’m talking about Mo’nique crossing the border with her tanks blazing at D.L. Hugley. It’s gotten scary. It’s basically about who headlined a show in Detroit. ‘He who cocks his Hats’, or ‘The mountain called ‘Mo’.

Actually, it’s beyond scary. It’s bloody. Apparently, Mo’nique wasn’t happy about her billing, pay, or placement on the show, so naturally, she decided to deal with it all, during the show. Venting to the audience, in lew of putting on an act.

“Y’all don’t understand the fight (I) had to go through to stand in front of y’all tonight. The motherf****** contract said that a b**** is the headliner. Mo’Nique is to be the last motherf****** person on the g****** stage. She is the headliner. I’m 30+ years in this motherf****** business and I don’t open for no g****** body. The contract said the headliner. But a n**** named DL Hughley turned into a b**** and said ‘I won’t perform if she does that.’ So when I leave this motherf***** the headliner has left.”

Damn. That’s a screed you want to have in the dressing room to your manager, agent, or your mother. Not on stage to the crowd who paid a lot of dough to see a show.

Hu’ghley responded by pointing out the simple answer stated above. The proof of who the real headliner was could be seen by the order of the lineup on the ticket. On his Twitter page he also pointed out some of the ground skirmishes Mo’Nique has had with other celebrities.

“All you have to do is check the order of names on the ticket stub from last night and you’ll see who’s confused. Against my better judgment, over the objections of my team and 4 other occasions where I said NO, I decided to take a chance and work with Mo’nique,” he let fly on Instagram. “Oprah was the problem, Tyler Perry was the problem, Charlamagne was the problem, Steve Harvey was the problem, Lee Daniels was the problem, Netflix was the problem… Now it’s MY turn. At some point it can’t be everyone else, IT’S YOU!! Lesson learned.”

Of course, Mo, answered back and it didn’t sit well with The Hu’ghley’s. D.L. Hu’ghley’s daughter Ryan Nicole Sh’epard is now stepping in between her father and Mo’Nique amid their heated online spat. On Instagram, Sh’epard aired out her grievances with the “Precious” star for insulting her mother and her younger sister during the feud. She wasn’t taking it ‘Ryan’ down. (Sorry.)

“Out of all things you could have legitimately said about my dad if that’s the route you wanted to take, you chose to be deliberately mean and hurtful to two Black women who have nothing to do with this conversation,” she wrote, noting how the controversial comedian used her family as a punchline to show how “little mental stability, dignity, morality and respect” she had for herself and other Black women.

The whole thing started as I said, over a spat about who was headlining the show. Hey, you don’t have to be Columbo to know how to sniff that one out.  Wait quietly until they bring up the last act, that’s your headliner. Case closed.

Mo’-Mo’ accused Hu’ghley of not having a contract that says he was the headliner. She then challenged him to upload a copy of his contract. The digital version of ‘if you think you’re dicks so big, pull it out.’

“The fact that you point the people to the ticket stubs for the order of the names versus to your contract implies that you don’t have a contract that shows you are the headliner, like i do,” Mo’Nique responded. “Either show your contract or be quiet.”

Then, as stated above, D.L.’s daughter got into it and it’s just all ugly and bitter.  Like most of today’s entertainment. (Wow. How old does that make me sound? ‘You damn comics! Get off of my lawn!)

The truth though is Showbiz fueds have been going on forever, and for the most part, they just get the combatants a lot of followers or fans or, what not. That’s why comedy war is at the end of the day, a hell of a lot safer than real war. Just two rich people carpet-bombing each other. At the end, everyone goes home to sleep in their own bed.

Let’s be honest, we aren’t talking about the two funniest people in comedy either. They’re both talented, no doubt, but this isn’t Stand-ups two brightest bulbs. There’s lot of bells and whistles in both of their shows. A ton of hats, and lot’s of horns. (Shrug)

This is good business for both of them. That’s my point. God love them!