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July 4, 2023


July 4, 2023

Mike Binder

Last week, I wrote a piece on Roseanne not being a Holocaust denier on Theo’s podcast. I stuck up for her, saying that she was being facetious. I guess I was wrong. I received some serious blowback and was told to do some digging by people who apparently are a lot smarter than I am. They claimed to have evidence that she had been a Holocaust denier for years, with reams of receipts showing old Roseanne to be hating on Jews, and even on Blacks. They made me feel like a simpleton. So, I asked them to point me to these receipts because I had rushed to judgment and was too quick to defend Roseanne and Theo.

One person, who goes by the name MINDOG, (Mindog on Youtube and. Twitter) and claims to be something of a Roseanne expert, called me a bastard and told me to look into her old tweets. Another person, JANE DANE, a multiple email writer with too much time on her hands, told me to read “any of the many” articles about Roseanne’s anti-Semitism and even mentioned a photo of her posing as Hitler baking cookies in an oven. She called me a “pathetic creep” and reminded me of how bad “Mind of the Married Man” was (a show she apparently watched every week).

Since they seemed to have more or less accurate information about me, I assumed they must be right about Roseanne as well. But when I did the research they suggested, all I found was a long history of Roseanne being an ardent supporter of Jews, Israel, and even someone who watched the Nuremberg trials with her mother as a child, and was deeply disturbed by the atrocities. I found evidence of her own sense of guilt over her past  mistakes, dumb tweets, and the apologies she sent out to people she had offended, including George Soros and Valerie Jarrett. It seemed like she was incredibly hard on herself and genuinely wanted to make amends, even though she kept making more mistakes, telling jokes that didn’t land or making unfounded comments. But she was always sincerely a Jewish woman who strongly stood up for her people.

As I said last week, is she a little nutty? Yeah, so what? She’s a comic, an artist. If she hadn’t been a Trump supporter, most of the people criticizing her would simply walk past the comments without a second thought. That’s the truth, and that’s the real problem. We all think our opinions are correct, so much more grounded and well founded than those of others, but guess what? They’re not. We don’t know anything. None of us do. This is God’s world, and we’re just passing the time. The truth will unfold. However, as Americans, we damn well better be open to others having opinions different and opposed from ours.

At worst, Roseanne made a dumb Holocaust joke that didn’t land. I still believe she was talking about the 2020 election and that’s what offended people. But if it was the Holocaust that caused the anger, as my good friend, another comedian, argues, then it’s even worse. He claims we can’t allow people to make Holocaust jokes, to dress as Hitler giving out cookies. This will just trivialize it all and it has to be stopped. I say bullshit.

That kind of thinking leads to cancellations and ostracization. In another twenty-five years, maybe even less, it could lead to jail time. And after that, we’ll be in a place where drawing anti-Holocaust cartoons in a small newspaper justifies sending a hit squad up the steps to kill everyone on the staff as a strong message. Jewish Fatwas on any comic who finds any of this funny. Mel Brooks got off easy. The next fucker will pay!

Canceling Roseanne, Theo, or any stand-up comic for anything is a bad joke. Don’t do it. God bless Elon Musk for airing Theo’s episode, and fuck you, YouTube. Fuck you. You take everyone’s money, wield all this power, and think you have the right to censor us? I was just on a friend’s podcast, and they got all hush-hush when I teased about vaccine jokes because they didn’t want to be demonetized. Fuck you, YouTube! Fuck you Google. I can’t wait for you to become MySpace. Don’t mess with Theo Von or anyone else. Just take the money and shut the fuck up. No one cares anymore about what you think is misinformation or disinformation. Just take the money and shut the fuck up, or we’ll come up with better platforms, and you’ll become MySpace. It can happen. Fast.

And no, Roseanne is not a Holocaust denier. She’s a standard issue nutbag. So what? So is your sister.